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King Charles- Environmental ally?

Whether you see yourself as a monarchist, against the monarchy, or are indifferent, there is no doubt that this is a dog ear in history. For 70 years we have known a Queen as our head of state. Her portraits seen all over our society from our coins, bills and postage stamps to our community local legions and courtrooms across our country. However you feel about the monarchy, they have been a part of our culture for as long as we've called Canada a nation.

As part of the commonwealth, we know many other nations as friends and allies, a valuable asset to have indeed. We also know many atrocities throughout history that can leave us feeling unsure if our loyalties are misguided like the crown's part in colonialism and how that affected the Indigenous population. If you are indigenous, certainly this query has crossed your mind, if not, made your mind up about the monarchy and whether it is still has a place in our society. Has it caused too much damage in the past to be a part of our future? That answer likely comes down to who you ask.

With Queen Elizabeth sitting as monarch for 70 years, we had slipped in to a slumber of acceptance of the monarchy. The coronation of the new King though, has raised long buried emotions and questions of relevance in this modern world from places all over the commonwealth.

There are certain populations that have been affected by colonialism to their detriment, and others who haven't. Of course we would have differing viewpoints. Is it fair though to judge a man for being born in to a role we have celebrated or hated for centuries? It is easy to hate a man for his wealth and position in this world today when so many have so little, but can you love him? That can be harder. Can you look at him like a human being without his wealth and power? While that may seem a futile notion void of relevance in itself, it's an exercise that can grow empathy and compassion; something we need more of in this world. He is truly just a man with his own thoughts and experiences in this life after all. While his experiences are through a privileged lens, the stage he find himself on is large and wide. What script will he read from?

As Prince of Wales, the newly coronated King was a staunch advocate for environmental causes. Causes that are deeply at the heart of Indigenous peoples and their stewardship of the Earth. In a world where climate change is ever increasingly being of the utmost importance, these are worthy causes to support, and raise awareness of. It's something that affects us all.

He seems too, to be very sensitive, empathic, and learned; all good qualities to have in a thought leader, which is really what he is, or will be. Having only influence to shape thought and policy without any real authority to change it. This influence seems to be aligned with stewardship of the Earth and that is a good thing. Alliances for this cause should be welcomed whatever form they come in rich and privileged and the poor alike considering we are seeing first hand the effects of climate change in real time. The forest fires all over this country being a prime example.

Whatever your opinion on the monarchy, know that the new King, with his reach can be a monumental force for good in this world and we need more of that not less. The royals also contribute to many other organizations supporting things from hospices and cancer care to the arts and music. They share the wealth more than we realize however more we think they can or should do. The fact is they do a lot.

The new King seems to have an interest and affection for the Indigenous people of this land too. His ability to take up causes relating to Native people and their issues is encouraging. Maybe a long awaited apology will be on the near horizon for the crown's part in the residential school system. The possibility is inspiring.

So while still, their wealth and power seem infinite, seeing what they can and will do to better the world holds a kind of excitement in my heart. An ally in humanitarian issues and environmentalism is welcome in my view. Time will tell the path the new King will take but I have faith that he will prove to be a champion for these important causes no matter the role his ancestors played in the past. Let's hope.

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