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Seize the work day with the latest book in the Zen as F*ck series!
Boss up, employ your joy, and make work f*cking great! A guided journal brimming with cheerful profanity, each page of
Zen as F*ck at Work is a chance to let go of the bullsh*t that floods your everyday workflow, find some tranquility in all that turmoil, and make the 9-to-5 grind a little grander. With a down-to-earth, funny, and peppy approach to mindfulness journaling, Zen as F*ck at Work is the encouraging nudge to take big and small leaps to make your world a little f*cking better.
Journaling prompts will help you:
· Get at that good sh*t! Make the most of what you love or merely tolerate about your job.
· Cast off bad vibes! Deflect the energy vampires, drama-lovers, and frenzy magnets that surround you.
· Sift through the bullsh*t to find what’s golden.
Whether you're working from home, at an office, or anywhere in between,
Zen as F*ck at Work is the work spouse you need to keep you sane amongst the frenzy.

Zen as F*Ck at Work: a Journal for Banishing the Bullsh*T and Finding Calm in th

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