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  •  This wax seal set includes these items- 2 bottles * wax seal beads, 1 * tea candle, 2 * wax stamps, 1 * metallic pen, 1 * wax seal melting spoon. The complete wax stamp kit for wax seal, crafts, and DIY decorations.
  •  The wax seal beads are made of good quality material, smokeless, odorless, melt easily and dry quick that are super easy to print. The stamp comes with a detachable head that is easily installed.  The scepter handle stamp is made of a zinc alloy handle and a brass head. Clear pattern, smooth and shiny, not easy to wear, can be used for a very long time.



Product Size & Package List

What will you get ?

Detailed size/pattern please check our image

  • 2 Bottles * Wax Seal Beads
  • 3 * Brass Wax Stamp Head
  • 1 * Sceptor Style Handle
  • 1 * Melting Spoon
  • 1 * Metallic Pen
  • 1 * Tea Candle







Wax Seal Stamp Kit

SKU: 81ec8a58-ed05-49d2-a63c-0e35f3b4ddfc
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