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  • 🔮 78 CARD TAROT DECK - With Arcana, Cups, Swords, Pentacles & Wands.  Each Card has an array of meanings and guidance for the tarot beginner or even experienced practioners. Do readings with the knowledge and insights one needs to embrace the tarot message.
  • 🔮 HIGH QUALITY & BEAUTIFUL - With 350GSM waterproof card, reflective purple gloss edging and bold pink designs. You will love the feel of these cards, they represent you in your tarot experience with others or alone. The card won't bend or rip or be damaged by a spill of elixer. 
  • 🔮 COMPREHENSIVE POCKET GUIDEBOOK - Our in depth guidebook goes into detail for all 78 cards in this set. There is guidance on card spreads for the individual or others. Love, healing, prosperity and more. This pocket guide will help you on your tarot readings and imparting wisdom to others. 


Tarot Cards with Guidebook

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