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  • Mesh Mushroom Foraging Bag - Foraging bag is made of tough tear resistant mesh, durable and not easily damaged. Use the included mushroom knife with brush for collecting all of the mushrooms you can find, whether you're picking from your own mushroom grow kit or in the wild!
  • Interesting Design - The mesh bag is full of small holes, it can protect mushrooms from grating and keep your organic mushrooms fresh, Fun fact, unlike a leather pouch or canvas pouch, our mushroom foraging bag mesh allows mushroom spores to escape after harvesting, helping more mushrooms grow back and keeping the local ecology healthy!
  • PREMIUM MUSHROOM FORAGING KNIFE - The Audingull foraging knife is meticulously designed with an ergonomic curved blade and natural, boar-bristle brush so that you can harvest with precision and ease. Whether hunting mushrooms, truffles, berries, or more, our mushroom knife with brush is an indispensable addition to your mushroom foraging kit.
  • Perfect Size - Perfect Size - This retro lightweight crossover bag is 17x17 inches, and has an adjustable shoulder strap. Wide shoulder strap design can reduces stress on shoulders.



Mushroom Foraging Kit with Bag and Knife

SKU: 8a806159-6949-4d62-8b23-3e8af48fa762
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