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  •  Indulge in the captivating beauty of this meticulously crafted 7-Piece Heart-Shaped Crystal Healing Energy Stones . These natural and pure rocks emit high frequencies and energies that promote relaxation, alleviating stress while attracting good luck and positive vibes . Each crystal in this Love Stone Set is uniquely shaped and distinct. as they are a testament to the individuality and preciousness of these natural gifts from Mother Earth .
  •  Experience the profound healing powers of this exquisite Healing Crystal Necklace Set. It includes 7 heart-shaped crystal healing stones and 3 crystal cage necklaces in black, brown, and white. Perfect for healing sessions, yoga, meditation, work, and more.
  •  Experience ultimate versatility with our Adjustable Necklace Stone Holders . Crafted with utmost care, these vintage-style necklace cords are made from natural waxed rope and adorned with two wooden beads on each side of the crystal cage necklace holder. The length can be easily adjusted, and the pouch size ensures the safekeeping of gemstones of all sizes. You can unleash your creativity, creating unique styles to suit your individual preferences .




Healing Crystals and Stones, 7 Chakra Heart-Shape Crystal Necklace Set with Adju

SKU: c647ca41-8068-4773-9a23-415559688c3a
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