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Healing Crystal 8 mm Beaded Bracelet, Gemstone with Heart Charm
Designed to bring love, harmony, and emotional healing into your life. This bracelet features stone beads symbolizing serenity and abundance, making it a powerful tool for emotional healing.
Handcrafted with high-quality crystal beads, the bracelet not only adds a stylish touch to any outfit but also harnesses the healing properties of the crystals. Each bead is imbued with unique energy that promotes positive vibrations and emotional balance.
It serves as a reminder of your intentions to cultivate love and emotional tranquility.Its stretch design ensures a comfortable fit for different wrist sizes, making it suitable for daily wear, either at work or during leisure time.


Healing Crystal Bracelet 8 mm with Heart Charm

SKU: 422602a4-f219-4c3a-a0c3-5c5e7f26be95
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