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Natural Healing Crystal Mini Wands Single Pointed Stone set (20pcs)

What are Chakra Stones?

Chakras are the energy centers of our body, which are in charge of different physiological systems. They can integrate their own colors into the aura of the human body and repair those damaged states. 

  • Root Chakra (color: red)
  • Sacral Chakra (color: orange).
  • Solar Plexus Chakra (color: yellow).
  • Heart Chakra (color: green).
  • Throat Chakra (color: blue).
  • Third Eye Chakra (color: purple ).
  • Crown wheel (color: white).

The Crystal Single Point Is Easy To Carry, And Can Be Placed In The Hand Or Pocket For Energy Balance Release

(approx.)Size : 1.26*0.32 ".

  • 20 PCS  Hexagonal Single Pointed Crystal Wands. -- Rose Quartz, Clear Crystal, Lapis lazuli, Opalite,Black Obsidian, Black Labradorite, Clear Crystal, Tigers Eye, Green Aventurine, Malachite.Red Jasper, Red Carnelian, Tigers Eye, Green Aventurine, Lapis lazuli, Amethyst, Clear Crystal etc. 





20 PCS Crystals and Healing Stones Mini Wands Set

SKU: 4cc57c74-c71e-4f61-8117-880ecb9ca6fa
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